Recruit Instagram followers to lure subscribers


20160621172231-instagram-mobile-smartphone-social-networking-iphoneIf YouTube is the largest video hosting on the Internet, then Instagram is perhaps the largest photo hosting. People like to visually evaluate the picture, and not read long messages, so the topic of business promotion on Insta is quite relevant in our time. To promote well, you need buy 500 instagram followers them will not be enough, it is the content that you offer that is important. That is, we are talking about what should be the photos to interest users?

Use photo processing for your publications more often. The Instagram application has the ability to edit your pictures by contrast and brightness. Sometimes these settings are enough to offer a product, since the use of ready-made filters can distort the color rendition. For example, you are actually selling a blue dress, and it will be given in malachite. It turns out that this is an inaccuracy in the description of the product. Accordingly, even with high-quality promotion on Instagram for money, you will not be able to get exactly the number of customers you would like. But in the case when the color change does not play a special role, the world of filters and effects will be open for you. The profiles look very nice and stylish, the photos in which are decorated in the same style. To do this, you need to choose 1-2 favorite filters and use them. So at first glance, the page will look harmonious. It is also possible to overlay text on a photo, and using this tool, you can add some important information for customers: discounts, promotions, free seats.

So what kind of photos can you post on Instagram for a variety of commercial content:

1. Photo of your work, or rather the process of creating creation. If you are doing interior design, then take a photo of yourself as you do it. You can even add a short video. If you are sewing toys, you can take pictures of yourself in the process. Users will be interested to know how the birth of a masterpiece is taking place, and perhaps you will motivate someone to start a new activity;
2. A photo that will show the packaging of the product. If you are sending goods individually wrapped, you can diversify a boring envelope with some details and take a photo. This will show that you have a sincere attitude towards each order and each client. Seeing how sincerely you feel about your work, clients can start to catch up with lightning speed. You may not need to buy followers;
3. A photo that shows a screen with a feedback from a satisfied customer is excellent for invigorating buyers. On Instagram, the ability to read comments is not done in the most convenient way, and therefore not everyone opens them. And having seen a photo with a good review, it will easier for a person to decide on an order. It is very easy to make a screen on a phone or tablet, just press a certain key combination and the photo is ready.